Fridays 6:30 -9:00pm

Every Day God is Enough is our weekly ministry for teens. Each week there are games, activities, real life discussion and valuable insights and truth shared from the Bible. Being a teenager can be strange, confusing, scary and just plain difficult. Night on the EDGE wants to help with that by letting teens know they aren’t alone, and there are answers to the problems and questions that feel so overwhelming.

For the month of October EDGE youth @ Amherst Wesleyan Church will be holding a fundraiser that will be a lot of fun.  This fundraiser will allow those in the Amherst area to pay for EDGE youth to put flamingos on a lawn of someone they know for 24 hours.  These flamingos will be put there along with a note stating what the event is, how long the Flamingos will be there and who gave their name as a target.  These Flamingos will be rented $10 for 5 flamingos ($20 for 10, $30 for 15, etc.), and the money raised will be going towards the cost of Night on the EDGE as well as our upcoming special events.

Open Oct 1st -31st
Sold in Groups of 5 for $10.
All proceeds Support Amherst Wesleyan Youth Ministry.
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Phone: (902) 955-1198
Facebook Message: Michael Gregory