Groups meet on a weekly basis to share life together, discuss a book, video or other study material and pray together. Honesty and commitment to these groups are high priorities because this is where life change and growth takes place.
Step 1
Starting Point
Are you new to the church or a new to the idea of faith. This is the group for you. You will learn the foundations of Christianity, and what a life of faith looks like.
Leader: Evan Oxner
Day: Wednesdays @ 7pm
Step 2
If you have completed our Starting Point, or already a Christian, attend our Multiply group. Here, you will learn how to go and teach others about Jesus and make disciples.
Leader: Rudy Froese
Day: Wednesdays @ 7pm
Step 3
Life Teams
Once you have moved through Starting Point and Multiply you are ready to join a Life Team. There are several to choose from and each one exists to build a team that supports each other and works to make a difference in our community.
Life Teams
Healing Choices
Do you have any past hurts and pains that are still holding you down? In this small group you will break the chains of the past and start the process of moving on.
Leader: Sheryl York
Day: Tuesdays @ 7 PM
Men of God
The world’s definition of a man is constantly changing. In this men-only small group, you will learn how to be a man of God at home, at work, and in your spirit.

Leader: Jamin Melanson

Day: Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM
People of Prayer
Prayer is not a last resort. Prayer is our first line defense. Come to this small group and learn how to pray fervently and become people of prayer.

Leader: Mark O’Keefe

Day: Tuesdays @ 7 PM

Books of the Bible

The Bible is God’s love letter to humanity. Study the Word of God with others and allow God to encourage and correct you as you grow closer to Him.

Leader: Carolyn Thompson

Day: Tuesdays @ 10 AM
For More Information
Please contact:
Pastor Jamin
the leader of the group you are interested in!